Monday, May 11, 2009

to mem n bro

to my mama: Salmah Fazul Rahman
happy belated mother's day!hehe..nisa da wish kan smalam..
thanx 4 being there for me.
thanx for being the greatest mom in the world!
im sorry for what i did before.
im sorry for im no good in words nor showing my love to my family,especially you.
but 1 thing for sure...
you are the only and the best mom in the world!
im grateful to be your daughter.
may you lead a better and happy life,we'll go through it together okay~

to my bro: Mohd. Khalid Rahmat
happy 17th birthday bro!
i love you no matter what.
but please,change.please.
i know you can.i hate you this way.
but i'll support you,pray for your success.
i may not be the best sister for you.
and im not hoping that you'll be the best for me.
but i hope you'll be better for mama n baba.
nnt kak echa balik kita cerita lg sama2 ya!
all the best to you bro!aja2 fighting!~

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