Wednesday, May 6, 2009


  • cant concentrate on my distracted.
  • just wanna say bye-bye to the supposed-to-be 30th yesterday.
  • well buddy, a dream is still JUST a dream.eheh.
  • i haven't finished my revision yet.but i feel tired ody.pejadah gitu.
  • i ate A LOT just now.this is all byan's gaining my weight pk snang ke nak turun berat gini?i have to bkabung 4 almost 1 year la dey.stop giving me all the super yummy stuffs!
  • bored to death and doing other people quizzes kat fb right now.yg takenal pon jawab ja.haha.
  • chet2 da tdow.aku lom!
  • i keep on worrying about my weight.but i still let those superduperyummy foods entering my esophagus.damn!
  • i want a new lappy!at least bgla aku update RAM..lmbatnya nauzubillah!
  • ok2 stop jap nak baca slides.
NOPE!i think i gtg to bed now.better sleep than doing nothing.hehe.

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