Sunday, February 28, 2010

The borderline between love and hate is often thin

I love you
I always do
We both know what is best for both of us
But yet, we still push ourselves to the limit

There is one time where I couldn't tell whether it is love or sympathy
Love or responsibility
Love or loyalty
But then I know I will end up with the same conclusion
Stick to it
Bear with it

I wish someone will truly understands me
What I want
What I need
I guess no one will

Just a phrase had made my day

'Where goes all the guys who gave you all the attention you need?'
'Who did showed their love and care?'
'They left you right?'

And the next thing I knew, I was staring at the mirror
And cursed myself for how ungrateful I am to have such a wonderful person beside me
And keep asking for more.

I'm sorry. So sorry.
You deserve much better than me.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

To a great friend of mine

We've been together for almost 3 years.
We've been through our ups and downs together.
We share, we laugh, we fight, we love.
We care for each other like sisters always does.

As time goes by, we've changed a lot.
Either in a good or bad way, only God can tell.
You were there when I was down.
So down and lonely, till I can't even tell in which hell I was before.
But there you were, beside me, encourage me, took care of me.
You never leave me whenever I need you.
You were there to protect me from every possibilities that may hurt me.
And you've done too many things for me that I can't recall.
And for that, I thanked you a lot for the rest of my life.

And now, you are in misery.
I feel really,really bad for not being there all the time for you.
It's not that I don't want to help you, but all this while, I live with the fact that you won't tell others about you unless you yourself are willing to do that.
And for that, I just keep silent, updating myself about you through your blog and others.
I am SO worried about you.
Not only me, but the rest of the gang.
You know we love you, A LOT!
And this girl I knew 3 years back is not a type who give up easily just because of love.
Or even a fail in her exam, or being cheated by someone fucking stupid to deserve you.
This girl I knew, is the one who always fight fight fight!
She doesn't just talk the talk,she walk the walk!
She will fight for every single thing that come in her way to success!
And to be honest, I always adore your spirit and determination in life.
Whenever I'm down, you are one of those in my mind that will keep me alive and never give up!

I hope I can do something to ease your mind. But I don't know what.
Perhaps a room full of lights and chicken?lol~
Whatever it is, just don't forget that I am here for you. Always here.
All you have to do is just knock on my door and tadaa!*except when I'm sleeping hehe*
We missed the not-so hyper active you and the one who always smile and laugh without holding back those tears behind!

Cheer up buddy!
I love you so much!
WE love you so much!
Tuhan tak akan menguji hambanya lebih dari kemampuan mereka
*haa kan aku dah amek ayat dari blog kakak kaw yang kuat bermadah puisi cinta.berguna jugak perempuan tu*

And lastly, all the best for the upcoming event!
Kami sapoooottt kaw dari belakang!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dulcinea's Closet


Usahasama Khaieysha & Elfina :)

kalaw tak beli siap.haha.paksaan yang nyata.

More stuffs coming soon!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


How I wish the way you look at me will never change.
Just like this. Just like this.
That's all I'm asking for.


Monday, February 8, 2010


Cute boxes and chocolate: Uncle and Farah :)
*haa kaw rosak satu box empat diganti.hehe*

Love beyond the moon and stars: Khalid :)
Bird cage: Nanad :)

Fossil watch: Mama & Baba :)

Cotton kurung: Pakcik, makcik, pah, adek :)

Maple hobo bag: Syg :)

Leleng*sempena nama tuannya hehe*: Alen :)

Tudung tataw nama apa: Farah :)

Cotton on flat: Lyn :)

Red cardi: Fiza :)
Maxi dress: Elma :)

Cute frame: Along & Kak Chaen :)

Farah, Nisak, Byan, Nanad, Syg, Nabil, Dekwan, Elle, Abu, Thirah, Awie
Thanks a lot for the birthday surprise :)

Nanad, Fizi, Syg, Pija, Elma, Napi, Alen
Thanks for the day :)

And to the rest, thanks for the birthday wishes, hugs, love, everything!

I'm 21 yeah!

Kakai tze gorgeous, petite 21 y/o lady mbahaha! :D

Saturday, February 6, 2010

confession of a shopaholic

okay.I want a tote bag. the one yang ada jual kat lrt imbi tu.sgt kiut!nak bawak pi kelas.

and I want the Roxy purse. mak bolehkah bagi nisa RM100?nanti nisa tambah lagi rm10.hehe.

and and and I need a perfume! Anna Sui Secret Wish or Versace Bright Crystal would be nice.wangi! the Versace remind me of Genting :))

ohh I forgot the forever 21 sweater! called sweater.haha.kiutt!

Maybeline eyeliner!cambest je~^^

haahh! the bright red,dark beige, plaid and floral flats from cotton on!a must-have-list!

shit! am I turning into a shopaholic girl?help!

takda banyak lagi ka?

  • Lab report-Patho Respi
  • Lab Test-Patho Respi (01/03/2010)
  • Lab report-Patho GIT
  • Assignments-Patho GIT
  • Presentation-Patho GIT
  • Lab report-Patho Nervous
  • Slide presentation-Clinical Medicine<---done!
  • Hard copy-Clinical Medicine<---done!
  • Presentation-Clinical Medicine<---done!
  • Assignment 8-Clinical Medicine<---done!
  • Homework ECG-Clinical Medicine<---done!
  • Lab report phys. exam for NS-Clinical Medicine<---done!
  • Homework-Biostatistic
  • Assignment 9-Clinical Medicine


Wednesday, February 3, 2010