Wednesday, May 6, 2009

just another random post

  • here i am again.posting another blog.n proudly speaking that i haven't, repeat, haven't finished my revision yet!
  • went to secret recipe just now with chet2. i ate those marvelous meatball spaghetti.yummy! see? can somebody please stop me from getting any nearer to the foods???
  • passed by stadium melawati. saw U*P's bus. im scared.i don't want *** to get near me.100 miles is the min.
  • love posting my entry this way since last meleret2 one.hehehe
  • will be having another futsal game on d 19th. RM10 per head.anyone?
  • rasa cam nk mndi.panas!da mndi wajib smalam tp xsolat pnuh.hehe.kapir btul.
  • tomorrow's paper: communnicative english.wadahel am i going to study for this subject?
  • desperately waiting for this saturday where i can 'release' everything and hang out with my b*tches.n also mama please!
  • i want cadbury's crunchie...:'(
  • k nak me luck bloggers!please3~

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