Tuesday, May 19, 2009


  • i love it when he called me 'syg'. It makes me feel special,again.
  • i love it when he makes those weird expressions. It makes me laugh my heart out.
  • i love it when he text me. I know he is always there for me.
  • i love it when i read his status. I feel like I'm the only one for him.
  • i love it when he talks. with his slang. haha,his voice!funny!
  • i love it when he stares at me. his eyes. it kills me.

  • i begin to love every single thing about him. but as uncle said to me..''don't give it a 100%".yeap.at least for now.
  • he drag me in too deep.
  • he's holding me way too tight.
  • i tried to pull back but it doesn't work at all. he's stronger.
  • and now I'm confused.why does it happens too soon?is it a mistake?or another weird/amazing/strange/taj mahal/taylor swift love story?
  • God help me. I'm stuck between memories which haunts me for so long, and a future, which i can't, and don't want to predict.
i wish im the only flower.
white lily,maybe?

*ignore the grammatical error please.headache*


biskutgaBeng said...

jiwangnya anak ini..bagus2 ..bagus nak...

maggiesedapgiler said...

your first six points made all my memories......come back.adoii....

kHaiEysHa said...

gabeng: skali skala bha..haha
zul: aiyak!sorry!

SinFooL said...

go for future,leave those past behind...^^

kHaiEysHa said...

thanx yy..
pray 4 me~

Musafir Melayu said...

adakah perasaan JIWANG ini sebenarnya cinta~~~

nadyazgal said...

yep. it all happens too soon. but u cant judge it cuz it's not our job to do. right now u cn just follow d path but most importantly, dont foolishly give ur 100% to any guy, includg him. keep some to yourself. k bebeh? love u always. muah!

[B] [a] [B] [y] m0cca said...

perkembangan ini,
akn ku ketahui hujung minggu ine...~
cerita ma aq ar...~

kHaiEysHa said...

ariff:: hahaha!kejam tol nganjing sy~

nad: idk..its all happened too soon.i'll try to choose the best..love u 2 nek!mwahx!~

lyn: yayaya!!kaw dtg umah baru kita critak!!

Seiryu Ayime said...

jiwang see