Monday, May 18, 2009

bangun pagi

suddenly i remember everything i have been through till I get here.
all the promises I've made to myself and i don't even tell anyone so that i won't get nganjing if i broke all those things lah kan.hehe.
its amazing, how a guy,whom I've just met
changed everything.
and that is one particular reason why im afraid and worried too much on it.
is it true?
is it real?
i don't know.
the only thing for sure right now is he did something to me (did you?) that makes me forget all the sorrows and pain I've been suffering for like,ages
gosh for God sake i don't want to be that old dumb ass girl anymore!

you don't have to be perfect for me.nobody is perfect.
just remember this:

nothing is forever in this world
don't give me all that bullshit promises
cause promises were made to be broken

demit wake up la dey!
sy da kejot bp kali ni~

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