Saturday, May 30, 2009

di kala moody

1. Last beverage: sirap limau kat bale td
2. Last phone call: keding sy :P
3. Last text message: keding sy gak, tp pki num laen.
4. Last song you listened to: KANTOI by zee avi
5. Last time you cried: last night

6. Dated someone twice: yeap :P
7. Been cheated on: heh. fo sho.
8. Kissed someone & regretted it: a BIG yes!
9. Lost someone special: yeap.
10. Been depressed: always.
11. Been drunk and threw up: haramm...

13. white
14. grey

15. Made a new friend: many!
16. Fallen out of love: erk??nope maybe.tahla.
17. Laughed until you cried: hahaha absolutely!
18. Met someone who changed you: i think so :)
19. Found out who your true friends were: hmm..kinda.
20. Found out someone was talking about you: i care.
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: gilo apo!
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: wallahualam..
23. How many kids do you want?: 4! 2 pasang!
24. Do you have any pets: i hate pets tq.
25. Do you want to change your name: im fine with it.
26. What did you do for your last birthday: asking for gifts and wishes from everyone i know.haha.
27. What time did you wake up today: tido pon x lagi.
28. What were you doing at midnight: lepak-ing with my girls n guy friends.
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for: 5th JUNE!
30. Last time you saw your Mother: haish. da lama. tem cuti ari 2. :(
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: my attitude opkoz.
32. What are you listening to right now : bunyi kipas n ketik2 keyboard.
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: sape Tom?
34. What's getting on your nerves right now: myself.
35. Most visited webpage: myspace.blogspot.facebook.
36. Whats your real name: khairunnisa
37. Nicknames: kakai,kai,eh byk sgt~
38. Relationship Status: in a relationship :)
39. Zodiac sign: capricorn
40. Male or female?: female
41. Primary school: sk st patrick
42. Secondary school: smk st patrick, SMAKK, smk tawau, mrsm koki
43. High school/college/university?: MSU
44. Hair color: dark brown (eceh perasan!)
45. Long or short: currently short. nyesal potong!
46. Height: err..err..150 je kot :(
47. Do you have a crush on someone? : no one besides my syg :)
48: What do you like about yourself?: nothing
49. Piercings: never
51. Righty or lefty: righty

52. First surgery: tapenah
53. First piercing: lagi haram tapenah
54. First best friend: erm..khairuneeza adibah :)
55. First sport you joined: badminton
56. First vacation: tahengat. umrah kot.
58. First pair of trainers: pe ni eh? sorila bi x pass :P

59. Eating: nope
60. Drinking: my air liur
61. I'm about to: sleep
62. Listening to: telah dijawab di atas
63. Waiting on: ...

64. Want kids?: sure!
65. Get Married?: kalaw tuhan izinkan. bila2 pon boleh.
66. Career?: ermm..tah.

67. Lips or eyes: eyes
68. Hugs or kisses: both!
69. Shorter or taller: taller
70. Older or Younger: older :)) :))
71. Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous
72. Nice stomach or nice arms: both
73. Sensitive or loud: depends on the situation.
74. Hook-up or relationship: relationship
75. Trouble maker or hesitant: neither both

76. Kissed a stranger: nehi!
77. Drank hard liquor: neraka aku.
78. Lost glasses/contacts: semestinya. clumsy!
79. Sex on first date: agak2 ah brader.
80. Broken someone's heart: yeah.
82. Been arrested: haha.nope.
83. Turned someone down: maybe
84. Cried when someone died: yes...
85. Fallen for a friend?: yes yes yes!

86. Yourself: maybe
87. Miracles: tahla..
88. Love at first sight: nope. but now im kinda in that situation. stupid. haha
89. Heaven: of course
90. Santa Claus: haha maybe. kiut!
91. Kiss on the first date: err..nope.
92. Angels: yes

94. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time: hahaha yeap!
95. Did you sing today?: yes
96. Ever cheated on somebody?: penahla
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go? : i dont want to.
98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be?: 080808.280908.
99. Are you afraid of falling in love?: a bit.
100. Posting this as 100 truths?: lalala~


kecewa gila gn diri sendiri.
study x abes g. insya allah bakal abis. jia you!
tp lagi kecewa bila perangai sendiri haram tanak ubah.
xabes2 cari pasal panas baran moody tap b**i.

berubah la kai!
or u'll end up being dumped,AGAIN.
by the one you love.
and this time i don't think i can stand the pain anymore.

im sorry.

std nervous.chiao.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


rindu awak syg~
hehe jgn marah~imy~
you have stolen my heart :)
7 days to go!final!
pas sy final you have to be with me 24-7 k!
silalah balek ke sini dgn kadar segera
wahai encik syed muhammad nafis!


bila keboringan and kerinduan melanda*wink*
syg org yg keding balekla cepat!~
nak ajak awak maen ddr gn sy!:))
ir ir ir~

nah cyg keding!~

luv u!~
harap maaf di atas kegedikan sy.
cuz i am umanGetek!

nanad!this one 4 u!~

naa..aku sua tunaikan janji ya..huhu~
buruk seyh!ni cmpur2 suara org suda..hahaha~
luv u nek!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


is there any place in the world where i don't have to think about others?
where its just me and my dreams, my body, my soul and my life?
where i don't have to think about people's perceptions towards me and what am i doing right now?
on the path that im going to choose?
on the sorrows that i've been through?
on the smiles that i've pretended?

can i have an island?can somebody please buy me an island?
i would like to have nasi lemak kukus ayam berempah and honeydew juice as my dinner. butterscotch as my breakfast. nasi goreng cina kopitiam as my lunch.

and i named it as 'ohbobbylongimsoinlovewithyoursongs' island.

boleh ka?saya sorg ja kat pulau tu k!org laen taboley ikot. so saya leh pkir pa yg tbaek utk diri saya.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


the twilight saga!
toloooonngglaahh blikaaan akkuuuuu kwaaannn2~~~

hehe..jmpa kat sunway
rm128.bese2 je..
nak bwak adek aku zul g bli kang:)

liverpool away's jersey
haiz..xdak cutting pompuan ke?

nike's handbag!
actually this isn't the one but since i don't have the pic so hantam sajalah..
jmpa kat mid masa jaln gn afiq b ceera arithu.
damn lawa GILA BABI!diulangi GILA BABI!
rasa2 nak bli je time thu tapi telah dihalang oleh pemikiran rasional.
tp lpas da balek nyesal plak..arghh!~



Tuesday, May 19, 2009


  • i love it when he called me 'syg'. It makes me feel special,again.
  • i love it when he makes those weird expressions. It makes me laugh my heart out.
  • i love it when he text me. I know he is always there for me.
  • i love it when i read his status. I feel like I'm the only one for him.
  • i love it when he talks. with his slang. haha,his voice!funny!
  • i love it when he stares at me. his eyes. it kills me.

  • i begin to love every single thing about him. but as uncle said to me..''don't give it a 100%" least for now.
  • he drag me in too deep.
  • he's holding me way too tight.
  • i tried to pull back but it doesn't work at all. he's stronger.
  • and now I'm confused.why does it happens too soon?is it a mistake?or another weird/amazing/strange/taj mahal/taylor swift love story?
  • God help me. I'm stuck between memories which haunts me for so long, and a future, which i can't, and don't want to predict.
i wish im the only flower.
white lily,maybe?

*ignore the grammatical error please.headache*

Monday, May 18, 2009

bangun pagi

suddenly i remember everything i have been through till I get here.
all the promises I've made to myself and i don't even tell anyone so that i won't get nganjing if i broke all those things lah kan.hehe.
its amazing, how a guy,whom I've just met
changed everything.
and that is one particular reason why im afraid and worried too much on it.
is it true?
is it real?
i don't know.
the only thing for sure right now is he did something to me (did you?) that makes me forget all the sorrows and pain I've been suffering for like,ages
gosh for God sake i don't want to be that old dumb ass girl anymore!

you don't have to be perfect for me.nobody is perfect.
just remember this:

nothing is forever in this world
don't give me all that bullshit promises
cause promises were made to be broken

demit wake up la dey!
sy da kejot bp kali ni~

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Don't Let Me Fall

Lenka - Dont Let Me Fall - GoTV Networks

Underneath the moon,
Underneath the stars
Heres a little heart for you
Up above the world,
Up above it all
Heres a hand to hold on to

But if i should break,
If i should fall away
What am i to do?
I need someone to take,
A little of the weight
Or ill fall through

You're just the one
That i've been waiting for
I'll give you
All that i have
To give and more
But dont let me fall

Take a little time,
Walk a little line
Got the balance right
Give a little love,
Gimme just enough
So that i can hang on tight

We will be alright,
Ill be by your side
I wont let you down
But i gotta know,
No matter how things go
That you will be alright

You're just the one
That i've been waiting for
I'll give you all
That i have
To give and more
But dont let me fall

Underneath the moon,
Underneath the stars
Heres a little heart for you
Up above the world,
Up above it all
Heres a hand to hold on to

Your just the one
That ive been waiting for
Ill give you
All that i have
To give and more
But dont let me fall

You'll be the one
That i'll love forever more
Ill be here holding you
High above it all
But dont let me fall


kaw buat gigi aku ngilu since last night
jantung aku masya Allah macam lari spuluh batu
otot mulut aku da kejang dok senyom manjang
and now satu badan aku da ngilu gila2 punya

take it slow

take it slow
take it easy
cause nothing's gonna take it all away from me

take it slow
take it easy
cause I don't want to reminisce the history

take it slow
take it easy
cause we need more time to be what we want to be

take it slow
take it easy
cause its just between you and me


ada bunga dalam perot ako.
tapi ako takot ada banyak duri.
so ako nak piker baek2 dulu.
bunga thu banyak duri ke x.
or at least.
banyak duri
tp suwiiiit!~
pray for me.


*polkadot e2 chumel*
*polkadot suka makan kacang rebus*
*polkadot getek*

si dia

Lirik Lagu Julie Goes Oversea-Si Dia

oh bulan,
berikan aku harapan,
yang bakal mengubati hatiku yang luka ini,
kerna dia tak pernah mengerti,
sentiasa mendiamkan diri,
seperti sipulan,
yang menyepi,

kerna hatiku bimbang,
tentang si dia yang istimewa buatku,
tentang si dia yang tak pernah kenal apa-apa,
ku bimbang,
tentang si dia yang istimewa,
kerna hatiku bimbang

Friday, May 15, 2009




something strange is happening to me right now.
it started with front of many STRANGERS.
followed by my passion towards guitar.that is after i broke up.
and now poem?
love poem?


and now a stranger is knocking on my door.
or shud i say, i knocked it for him?
perasan.haha.ketian bak kata farah.

*ignore kai ignore*


off to class.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

utk 'awak'.part 1.

for those who makan cili rasa pedasnya.
sy taw awk akn bc blog sy.
sy sgt x clear dgn apa yg awak buat skarg.
awak still stalk page sy.
stalk blog sy.
stalk sgala bndala.(kowt),idk.
sy xkesah awak nak stalk ke apeke.
bknnye sy privatekan mnda2 thu smua.
tp sy mnyampah taw x
awak ckp sy hipokrit
awak LAGI hipokrit
for the 1st time sy rasa btol2 mrh n ada 1 masa sy rasa sgt benci gn perangai awak
sy bukan awk pny
bukan sapa2 pny
sy taw sy pn wat bnd yg sama gak.u n ****.
4 that sy mnta maaf byk2.
tp awak wat seolah2 sy ni awk pny.
hak sy utk pggil sapa2 yayunk ke syg ke baby ke darlink ke.
yg pnting org2 yg bknaan n yg perlu taw mksud sy n taw status sy.
my buddies especially.
n sy harap awak tmasuk dlm golongan thu.
un4tunately u r not.
sy rasa sgt2 mnyampah+meluat+kecewa+sakit ati+benci bla3 gn awak.
mcamana meluatny awak bila bc komen2 sy gn my 'yy'.
n FYI sy da dpt idup tnang without "HIM".
i mean, at least better than before.
tp awak wat ati saya ttutup abis utk awak.

thanx.bila sy rasa nak mgamuk lg sy akn part 1.

Monday, May 11, 2009

tercipta untukku.

menatap indahnya senyuman di wajahmu
membuatku terdiam dan terpaku
mengerti akan hadirnya cinta terindah
saat kau peluk mesra tubuhku, oohh
banyak kata yang tak mampu ku ungkapkan
kepada dirimu

aku ingin engkau selalu
hadir dan temani aku
di setiap langkah yang meyakiniku
kau tercipta untukku

meski waktu akan mampu
memanggil seluruh ragaku
ku ingin kau tahu
ku selalu milikmu
yang mencintaimu
sepanjang hidupku

sungguh hanya lah dirimu
yang aku cintai
dan sungguh ku kan di sisimu
hingga ku mati

i forgot where did i put the lyrics that that someone wrote for me.
its better.hahahahahahaha:))
see ive told ya im going to cry in a minute.hahaha:B

to mem n bro

to my mama: Salmah Fazul Rahman
happy belated mother's day!hehe..nisa da wish kan smalam..
thanx 4 being there for me.
thanx for being the greatest mom in the world!
im sorry for what i did before.
im sorry for im no good in words nor showing my love to my family,especially you.
but 1 thing for sure...
you are the only and the best mom in the world!
im grateful to be your daughter.
may you lead a better and happy life,we'll go through it together okay~

to my bro: Mohd. Khalid Rahmat
happy 17th birthday bro!
i love you no matter what.
but please,change.please.
i know you can.i hate you this way.
but i'll support you,pray for your success.
i may not be the best sister for you.
and im not hoping that you'll be the best for me.
but i hope you'll be better for mama n baba.
nnt kak echa balik kita cerita lg sama2 ya!
all the best to you bro!aja2 fighting!~


  • saya ini sgt suka merapu n bcakap2 n mnulis2 dalam blog.huahua.
  • hari ini pg sacc mamam kat uncle K kopitiam.agak okla tp western dy sgt mahal!grr~
  • tom yam dy mantab! lama da x menikmati tom yam.hmm...
  • apala yg saya ingin perkatakan sebenarnya.huahuhauhuahuahuhauhauhauhauhua~
  • oo i bought 2 tudung td.saya sgt suka itu tudung! 4 my mum n one 4 me.rm60 each!aiyak..baru skarg rasa alamak sgt mahal!matila..napa skunk baru rasa mahal tp bukan masa hulur duet td?ee gram plak!
the innocent side of me (lah sgtt..)
  • anda rasa worth it ka saya beli?grr grr!n mom!i hope u'll like yours!sok baru kirim k!hee~
  • setelah 2 tahun seari lagi 11 bulan aku jejak kaki kat s.alam,baru td aku pegi tasik depan pkns gak eyh!laen kali maw pigi lagiiii...
  • hari ini hidup pnuh dgn MAKAN+ABISKAN DUIT+MNGUMPAT+NGAMUK2+MAIN KAD.hehehe..uncle taught me a game called BIG 2.jap g nak google,sok nak kalahkan dy.:B
  • mood:happy.haha.jagala xlama ag nanges la ni.-sigh-plz dont plz dont!
  • ok done!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

saturday 9th

pg td aku tbgun kol 4.52. (forget about the bullets in the mood to write an essay.haha).OMG sgt panas okayh.bgun2 ja mmg haus gila,cause i've been waiting for niesa n byan to bring me iced milo since 12 am. n mereka sgt bergumbira keluar bersukaria n melupai aku yg nak mati kehausan kat umah.k fineeee~~

byan pown bwatknlah milo ais utk aku,kira ganti ah kan.sumpah mantab! (style bob ckp an sumpah tanak sumpah tanak bodo!)haha.tu lg sorg pengkhianat bangsa thu.khurafat babun tol.janji nak kwa kaw balek jb asal???!!

k k back to the story.pathu aku gn chet2 yg tbgun gak (ke aku yg kejotkan??) tadapat nak tido.tgkla friday 13th.agak kuang hasam eh muvie thu.tkejut2 badak aku!xrasala suspen gila tp tawla an kalaw gn aku cicak msuk bilik pon rasa cm anaconda nak terkam.n d morning went chaotic i think with my 'aaaaa!','babi babiiiii!!' n 'p*****k kaw cepat la mati jak smua!!!'.huh.motherF!sumpah tanak tgk lam panggung.sure kne baling gn popcorn.

abes ja tgk muvi thu,rasa jantung cm lemah2 sket, so tadapat g nak tido.c chet2 ni ilek ja tido lek.aku pon o9 la sorg2 mnghabiskan masa bkak fake ms of the twilight characters. (FYI im a kipas-susah-mati TWILIGHT!).best la cuz baru skang aku faham semua bnda yg tjadi n dapat taw cite sbenar based on every character pny point of view.n besides EDWARD CULLEN which is my hubby-to-be (yucks P-E-R-A-S-A-N dy knal kaw pon x kaiiiii~),im soooo in love with ALICE,JASPER n CARLISLE. sjak 1st time tgk muvi 2 ag.idky tp watak dorg mmg best!especially ALICE CULLEN@Ashley Michele Greene.n her mate JASPER HALE@Jackson Rathbone.auww they look so cute together!*wink*

k enuf la aku mbebel sal twilight ni.silap2 bdarah mata korg bc.hehe. aku cite td? la kalaw da stat b'twilight2 sgala ni.adehh..haa!pathu..da 09 sgala..aku pon tidola gak..cuz arini we were supposed to meet syira kat mid and also my beloved-lah-sgt-cuzin Afiq!haha..dy je la cuzin aku yg sebaya n rapat gn aku.naseb baik dy kol kt da smpi, kalaw x alamatnya aku x bgon la..huhu..pas bsiap dgn kadar mee segera kitorg pn graklah..sggah jap kat kopi (actually the plan was iced tea-ing kat rafi but instead we went there cuz ada farah.hehe).n oye lupe lak.afiq gn farah mmg taboley jmp.bcakar keje.haha..makan,blah,g mid,lepak2 tggu syira.hehe..aku gn kazen aku ni ada 1 psamaan taw.camwhore.haha.even b gn ceera pn kt mmg DNA family kot kitorg ni.wattodo.haha.g GSC.tadapa yg best.haiz..muvies suma BORINK! pathu an kat dpan GSC thu ada la maskot monster vs alien xsilap.hehe..apa besala...mencapab.hehe~

hehe..comel gatal woo..siap senggol2 bontot gn tol.then ceera smpi kitorg pn mnjalankanlah plan sebenar..nak pg starbuck.hehe.dy la tataw nak bg chet2 hadiah apa aku suggest la gv her a treat kat sn cuz byk kali minah kodork thu sebut nak g ir ir~better stop babbling and let the pictures tell the story!

tadaa!ni la kazen ksayanganlahsangat aku-afiq dosmy

otw to midV.
ya hidung saya besar.semua org ckp saya hepi.
lu apa kesah.:))

yummy!sorry la chet2..bigapple cni xsporting cam time kat OU tu.hehe~
anyway happy belated bday kodork!

waiting for the frappucinos.see,i've told ya.2 camwhores.

me+mocha.afiq+choc cream.b+choc cream chip.ceera+java chip.

sumpah tanak makan alien kat public ag.

tak senonoh.

love it!edited by afiq n dy mms td.huhu.

lepak-ing between mid n d garden.hmm~ sunshine=)
-ya okayh b sgt lawa kat sini n i like it!dem!:B-

p/s-fiq!looking forward to see you AGAIN!red box dude!
walaupon kaw sengal cam tapir.haha!
good luck rugby match ngko!
n nak caramel mak long 1!


  • sgt tapaham gn sesetengah org.
  • sgt geram!damn!rasa nak nanges pon ada tp tahan aja la.
  • sgt ngantok taboley tido cuz ke'thirsty'an aku melebihi kemengantukkan aku.gila sedap ni law dapat milo ais byan.fuh!mantab siaa~
  • sgt sangap skunk.oops don't get me wrong!im running out of ***** la bai..aish~
  • sgt bodoh cuz p bukak g blog thu.lalala~naseb xnampk papa..thank God..
  • sgt tataw mana nak tido cuz chet2 da conquer the katil and i can't baring there.aiyo amoi..wekapla babe!tapi kesian lak.hehehe~
  • sgt gembira xm da abes!
  • sgt mnunggu kedatangan kazen tsyg mr.afiq dosmy utk bawak aku jalan2. oo-emm-eff-gee i really need a good time tomorrow!
  • sgt rasa ingin mendelete makhluk Allah tersebut from my fb ms lalala~tp pkir pjg tapayahla.wat bodo aja.
  • sgt harap ada yg bole ajar aku cara nak block my lappy dr bkak fs or anything yg aku leh set sendiri aku tanak.huh.
  • sgt harap dapat kurangkan makan aku.demmit makan makan makan.berat da naek la!
  • sgt buhsan tahap anak denaso beranak lapan,ceasaran pny method la.
  • sgt babai!ngantok!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


pissed off!

  • budu.
  • gila.
  • begok loh ah!
  • gila babi x abis std lg.akan cuba utk tidur.n idc!
  • sakit hati tahap maksima!~
  • k k.lek2 kok lu.
  • f.u.

smile bebeh smile!~


AMARAN:merokok membahayakan kesihatan.


satu hari nanti aku nak pegi balek labuan.
especially marine park.the tower.
i wanna go there.
alone,this time.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

just another random post

  • here i am again.posting another blog.n proudly speaking that i haven't, repeat, haven't finished my revision yet!
  • went to secret recipe just now with chet2. i ate those marvelous meatball spaghetti.yummy! see? can somebody please stop me from getting any nearer to the foods???
  • passed by stadium melawati. saw U*P's bus. im scared.i don't want *** to get near me.100 miles is the min.
  • love posting my entry this way since last meleret2 one.hehehe
  • will be having another futsal game on d 19th. RM10 per head.anyone?
  • rasa cam nk mndi.panas!da mndi wajib smalam tp xsolat pnuh.hehe.kapir btul.
  • tomorrow's paper: communnicative english.wadahel am i going to study for this subject?
  • desperately waiting for this saturday where i can 'release' everything and hang out with my b*tches.n also mama please!
  • i want cadbury's crunchie...:'(
  • k nak me luck bloggers!please3~


  • cant concentrate on my distracted.
  • just wanna say bye-bye to the supposed-to-be 30th yesterday.
  • well buddy, a dream is still JUST a dream.eheh.
  • i haven't finished my revision yet.but i feel tired ody.pejadah gitu.
  • i ate A LOT just now.this is all byan's gaining my weight pk snang ke nak turun berat gini?i have to bkabung 4 almost 1 year la dey.stop giving me all the super yummy stuffs!
  • bored to death and doing other people quizzes kat fb right now.yg takenal pon jawab ja.haha.
  • chet2 da tdow.aku lom!
  • i keep on worrying about my weight.but i still let those superduperyummy foods entering my esophagus.damn!
  • i want a new lappy!at least bgla aku update RAM..lmbatnya nauzubillah!
  • ok2 stop jap nak baca slides.
NOPE!i think i gtg to bed now.better sleep than doing nothing.hehe.


adoy.xstadi apa lg!
matila matila matila.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


maybe everyone who read my entry would say that he is a freaking asshole.
yes.he is.
but please don't misunderstood me.
he is such a nice guy.he was,in fact, is, my everything.believe me.
he isn't that bad.
his only 'ME'.
knowing me.letting me entered his life.He gave me his first love,maybe, and in return,i gave him tears and let him suffered.
i am the one who turned him into this.
i am the one.
im just letting go of my feelings in here to ease my mind,not to make him looks that bad.


i beg YOU~

ya allah kuatkanlah hatiku.
aku xminta papa lg.
just tolong kuatkan hatiku dan semangatku.
n tolonglah halang aku daripada menyakitkan diri sendiri.
buat aku lupa segalanya ya allah..
aku bukan hambaMu yg paling baik.
malah akulah yg banyak berdosa.
tp kenapa?kenapa semua ini x adil bg aku?
hukum aku kalaw itu yg terbaek.hukumlah.
tapi bukan ini.bukan jatuh lg.
"cukuplah kau halang cintaku.jgn kau halang cita2ku."
setiap hari aku minta tu.aku minta itu ja.aku tak minta pengganti.aku cuma mahu aku kuat & x ada lg 'benda' ni keluar dari mataku.
aku da cukup penat mngeluarkannya,sedangkan mereka penat tertawa n bkasih syg.
"laugh,& d world will laugh with you.cry,& d world will laugh at you."
i beg U.not this.again.stop hurting me.
You can give me the toughest nervous system's question for me.
or even musculo.or git.i don't care.
i'll cry to death trying to solve 'em.but not THIS.
im not going to waste 'it' again for someone be exact.
kawan2 aku da fedup baca entry aku.but what can i do?
this is the only thing that i can do.
i cant TALK about it anymore.
all that i can do is just write.write.write.
sorry guys.


I've been heading in the wrong direction
Hiding from my own protection
Running but my heart was standing still
I guess you saw the light inside me
Your love has been a torch to guide me
I hope I can be all that you deserve

Well I'm no superman
But I'll love you that best I can
And you know I'm just flesh and bones, but with you
I feel I'm flying
Don't you know I'm no superman
But I'll always be your man

I was searching for a heart that's beating
As fast as the way I'm feeling
Trying to find some peace there in my soul
You know it was your love that saved me
The answer to my prayers you gave me
And I hope I'll be all you deserve

I'd fight for you
I'd die for you
You know I would
Hold back the night, light up the sky
Oh if I could, I'll always be your man...yeah

*hey!u r not superman but u r my batman rite yy?n remember im ur catwoman!we gotta get thru everything together k..thx!~:)*

bila mata tanak tutup~

first of all,sorryla kalaw isi blog ni melarat2 pla.borink syial~b da tdo..cian dy..alala comeynya c kodok tdo..hahaha..
so..skg pukul 2.42 pg,2 MEI 2009.taboley tido cuz da byk tido.huahua~lgpun da jnji my yy maw ym gn dy..kcian lama sua x kontek kn yy kn??sorry..;'( smntara tggu dy p cuci muka yg bminyak cm klapa sawit,aku terasa la plak maw mnulis blog.tah maw ckp pa.mcm hidup aku gila busy,padahal tada wat apa gitu ja la.hehe~
tatawla apa yg menyemakkan kepala ni.

la..tiba2 plak da malas nak memanjangkn blog!hahahaahhaah~later!