Saturday, May 2, 2009


maybe everyone who read my entry would say that he is a freaking asshole.
yes.he is.
but please don't misunderstood me.
he is such a nice guy.he was,in fact, is, my everything.believe me.
he isn't that bad.
his only 'ME'.
knowing me.letting me entered his life.He gave me his first love,maybe, and in return,i gave him tears and let him suffered.
i am the one who turned him into this.
i am the one.
im just letting go of my feelings in here to ease my mind,not to make him looks that bad.



Pais パイス said...

stop being a jerk. if u cant forget the past u'll never be able to enjoy the present. take my piece of advice and get over it.

Sera said...

ape kena la dgn kamu ni kai..? huhu.. chill sudeyh.. ;p

kHaiEysHa said...