Tuesday, December 30, 2008

saya pon tataw maw letak title apa.hantam sajalah.........

hye! fuh...since this is the last day my pc2k hotspot pny account aktif g so i better use it wisely.muahaha.wats dat for?lalala~(ignore this gurl.she's out of her mind right now)
lot of things happened to me but i juz dont have enuf time for this blogging session n tell everyone how TIRED n EXHAUSTED i was!n right now im still in that mood!haiyo...physically n mentally..i think i have to start taking all the vitamins my mom gave me.tu la..mak suh makan degil!pala batu gila ndaaakkk jugak maw..talingong ayam.(a ya ya ni sesi menginsafi diri sendiri)

k k stop d shuut n start blogging nicely kakai!(nicely?since when?duh!~)
angin sepoi2 bhasa mnerbangkn rmbut aku yg cm dawai ni..haha..d two babies-blanche n lyn- went to d college this morning for their MARA agreement.im juz too lazy to wake up so i juz watched them dr bwh slimut.heeE~ continue my sleep while they were busy kmas2 diz n dat n pg kolej larh..haha!~poor me..no!poor them..kuikuikui..

k.thats it for today.last week..the HORRIBLE week for us.me n syira.had to finish our assignment which was supposed to be done by 4 ppl but instead of that,kitorg kna bwat bdua!wtf!~tp xpe la jugk..d other 2 mmbers nak lek kg..1 smbut krismas..1 g skati skilo nk lek..haha..syira tpaksa mngorbankan kepulangannya ke pinang semata2 utk ni..n finally ms presentation pn tiba..omfg aku rs cm org pling bodow lam dunia.development of placenta pon tabley nak explain!since when aku ni cuak n nervous gila smpi blank tym presentation ni???mmg kaw2 pny blur la..minah libya@iraq watsoever la da stat cm nk ngamuk da..syira pn da xd mood..sudahnya i have to answer all d questions alone n she was standing there with dat "DIVA TGAH BADMOOD" face. aduyai..k k fine i'll do it..thank god sumany da abes!lantak ah marks thu yg pntg TAMMAT!!~

now i have another 2 assignments.smlam da abes 1..phew..alhamdulillah..another 1 is still in progress..its about our personality..pas wat kuiz lam buku thu telah dinyatakan bahawa aku adalah dominan 'powerful choleric'.daym! ya meh? it states here that a powerful choleric person is the one who owez lead ppl n 'bajet ketua' bak kata ikram.palotak lu!present pon nk mgigil2 bajet ktua..tp kalaw zaman dulu kala yeah i admit that. i owez lead ppl. ketua pengawas 2x..this n that..suma psatuan pn aku akn ada position even sbgi ajk..but now myb sifat kepimpinan thu da kureng sket..being in a new environment,im not able to show my sifat kepimpinan..ceh..yola thu..xp..mybla..idk..ppl change anyway..

haa..law nak taw ni la mkak pasrah aku.tym ni la klas,mmg pasrah gila la pk sal assgnment pa sgala..sj ja letak borink lak tada pic lam ni..hahaha(actually mo promote mkak rajin lam klas..=p)
i look good even dr tepi..hahaha!~jk..

hm..enuf bout that.assignments, classes...wat aku nak muntah ja..now..5th january.MID SEM! gosh i havent start my revision yet!yenna soley!~adudui....napa aku ni x insap2..aku msti std..std kai std!tebus balik pa kaw ilang masa sem 1.tebus semuanya.kaw mesti bwat untuk baba..mama..khalid..nenek...yakin boleh!yeah!dats d spirit gurl!---(another crap by this silly monkey; sesi motivasi bsama fadilah kamsah)..yeah..so by ending this pc2k i'll b able to concentrate more on my study rather than facebook-ing or myspace-ing,ym-ing n blogging thing neh.kononnn la an...hopefully lah i can do it.wish me luck guys!

whoa...agak pjg blog kali ni..yala disimpan2 smpi jd pekasam.wat else?love story??naa..i dont have much to write here..juz keep it to myself sudey..i dont have 1 pon!hahaha..its juz dat..uff!forget it.kita enjoy!~haha.blagak puteri sket.oh no skang da 12.02 pm n aku xmndi ag pon!assignment tak wat g,kol 2 ada claz gn 'lecturer terchenta' thu (wat can i do wit ur sorry?) damn! bodow pny org tua.baru tlanggar wire sket da nk mbebel2.bukan aku tabrak dy pki lori angkut tanah pon! kaw maw dirodok ka??

a ya ya n now dak2 da lek u n i feel like im going to lose a fren bcuz of that.why?idk why..='(..im so grateful dat he regard me as his besfren..but this annoying feeling stops me from being friendly with him.i mean..aku tkot nak serapat dulu.is it because he is 'his' bestfren?n now they are in d same place,same house n sometimes i feel like i cant stop myself from asking 'how is he doing?'...idk.i dont want this friendship to come to 'the end' juz because of a guy who kicked me away from his life is his bestfriend.NO.

hurm..daym..pa lg..owh..n this fella..hahaha..shud i include him in ere??haha..thanx 4 ur patient mr.EGO.(eventho ego gila nk mmpos)..atlis u dont treat me like the way ive been treated before.n thx 4 bringing back this smile to my face..i cant promise u anything but d only thing dat i can say is when d time has come,u wont regret it. the only thing dat i cant give you is 'a whole-heartedly' love..cuz he didnt give it back to me.mine is still wit him..im sorry..so sorry..u will never understand..not only u..everybody..but blieve me.I NEED YOU.

ah..yeah..tataw np tetiba aku rindu sgt gn paan..2 ari ni sgt rindu dia..balikla bro..i need u man..i need u to tengking2 me n ask me to be strong..i need u to yell at me n say that 'kaw ni lembik!'.i need u to comfort me like u owez did before..lam suma org yg tggalkan aku..kaw ja yg mc ada..(wpon ko pna bwg aku gak dulu an!huh!)..xpa2 aku maafkan..balikla weyh...sapa maw dgr ak nangis g?yala2 aku taw ko x skak dgr kn..tp sapa maw kc manja aku lg???hmph..='(

haa..ni picmu..jgn ko ckp ak x bg ya..i miss u damn it!balik malaysia pat!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

kla..i think i gtg now..btw..slamat menyambut awal muharam everybody!err..belated awal muharam..hehehe...tahun baru..azam baru..aku pon xda azam papa lg..ada,tp blom dikemaskinikan.huhu..i'll be updating soon bila free nnt k!chiao!~

Monday, December 29, 2008

oh saya terlupa!




Wednesday, December 24, 2008


org halalkan smua
tp org xbdaya jd manusia yg lebih baik untuk ampunkan dgn ikhlas

ich vermisse dich

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

nah paan!spesel 4 u!~huh!

THIS! is my beloved bro! he's currently studying at russia..dak medic la kononnnn.....
dulu MUSUH KETAT aku. but we end up stucked in a bro-sis relationship!argh!~napakaa??aku pon tataw napa ley jdik gitu..tataw maw tulis pa sal dy...pa aku taw aku rnduuuuu dy sgt3!~bila kaw blik paan???mish ya sooooo much bro!~
p/s: ni pix dy perasan ensem...soo ignore it!~jgn tpedaya cuz 'appearance' can be deceiving.hahaha!~

~luv ya!~

partner in crime!~

uH oh I lurVe 'em so damn much!~

dare to be different~kekeke..

sa damn bored.nothing 2 say

Thursday, December 18, 2008

kambeng tua!~

happy 20th burfday MEMI!~

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


u ARE n STILL d best for me..
i have nothing to say anymore cuz i noe it is my fault
blame me.i did it.ive done it.n im still doing it
it takes time.i beg u 2 understand me n give me sumtym.
i noe..if i were u i would do d same thing 2.
i will HATE him.
do u still remember my blue diary?
where i used to ask u to write watsoevarything in it?
u wrote sumting dat i still remember till now..
'he's d best dat u ever have kai.take a very gud care of him'
but i've failed.i didnt.he left me 4 my weaknesses had bored him
im not gud enuf 4 him.but i cant bare 2 listen to what came out from ur mouth when it comes 2 him.yeah i noe he's SUX.but let its juz ME who talks shit bout him.i cant stop u or anyone from hating him.but please...don't put all d blame on him
called me dumb.idiot.stupid
yes.i am.u noe how much i love him.u noe how much i felt,n still feel for him.d feeling for him remain here,deep inside my heart, n i dont even noe how to get rid of it!!~ive suffered a lot.A LOT.n TOO MUCH.
u've once close to him.he regard u as his besfren.thank you for owez being there for both of us.argh..4get it.its juz a memory.n will never come back.
our life is a long journey..n i dont even get to one third of it.there are still many ppl out there that i havent meet yet.thats what u want me to realize right..??
nad..u r d 1 who knows EVERY single thing bout me.there's no secret between us,except for certain things..u've been through all those things with me..we've shared a lot of things..things dat we shud n shudn't do..we both noe every details bout dat..n for that,don't u EVER think dat im goin to let us having 2 dfferent ways of life.though we're not as close as before...seldom hang out or chit-chatting n gossipping bout things juz like d old days..but we ARE still d same old bitches who used to cry n laughed together. who used to have IJ's 'tauhu' n sausage as our lunch. who used to spend our weekends sleeping together.im d only one who can stand ur 'tidy' wardrobe n spent my holiday rearranging ur stuffs..
i love u 2 babe...i owez do..

i noe u owez there for me..
each n every1 of u..
eventhough u r not dat kind off 'love lady'
u dont get involved in my love life...
or wat im into right now..
my env..my studies..
not only u but also each n every 1 of our gurls..
but believe me..u dont wanna noe wuts goin on wit me..
wat kinda life im having ryt now..
but 1 thing for sure..im still d old me when it comes 2 my frenz..
im still ur 'so-called twin' ..still remember mkcik tndas 2 ckp pa tym d smkt?
paan once said to me..the harder u try to fix things..the worse it will be..
sorry 4 being too weak...
n SORRY isnt d word dats supposed to come out from anyone else but ME...

sumbody said to me juz now..that he is so delighted n touched dat i have such frens like both of u..yeah..i guess he's right..

-L.O.V.E U A.L.L-

sorry budDy~

sorry dear..
i know ur so damn mad n disappointed at me..
i AM out of my mind.i admit that.
i AM idiot.for letting myself be what i am right now.
n i don't even know why I'm doing that
self-satisfaction?culture shock?frustrated?
maybe yes..maybe no..
i never thought that u still care for me
with your new besties..n we never spend time hanging out together anymore..
i thought that you don't care about me.that you've forgotten me as 1 of your buddies
n since u HATE him so much,i cant accept that..
n it makes me feel uneasy...

i know what i am doing right now its not who i really am..
who you want and expect me to be...
I'm sorry
that's all that i can say
if this makes you hate me n de-friend me,then its up to you
I guess im too weak to go through all these things alone without you who once, always there to comfort me...

i cant stop you from judging me or mad at me

me,myself is still struggling to find the old KHAIRUNNISA
yup, i'm the one at fault
but one thing for sure...
I love u so damn much n u will always be my bestfriend for the rest of my life


Monday, December 15, 2008

kawan baek saya..=)

today im goin to write bout a guy who happened to be my bestfriend since the past few months.
haha..his name is....sshShh~i cant revealed who he really is..safety purpose sbelom aku diparang gn sum1..huhuhu..
lemme juz describe him as mr.M yg kuat mkn..muahaha!~

haha!~funny ah pic ni..aggp je la dy ni knon2 ronaldo..cuz he's 1 of d kipas-susah-mati MU.pergh~MU da zman gelap la brader!~
k k back to d main point..dy sorg yg KUAT MAKAN.diulangi...KUAT MAKAN!
everytime i asked him da mkn ke lom..da bkfast ke lom..whenever wherever la..msti dah..kalaw dy jwb lom pon..few mnutes after dat adala msg kt dy nk g mknla..lapa la..
tah prot apa dy ni..lembu kot..
he's 1 kind of mulut manis gak la..(jgn marah~)
suka mkn ikan cm aku gak..haha..n 1 thing 4 sure dy ni 'jambu'..haha!~
naseb x tgugat iman..xp..
n skung aku tgah bengang cuz dy da ttdo n xreply msg aku..wargh!~
xpala..dy la tukang bgun subuh aku wpon subuh itu tsangatlah subuh denaso..
wat else?pminat komik wira tunggal, keje dy kat umah tym cuti jd penternak lemak sepenuh masa..skunk da jd mamat indon..asyek2 mutiara la..dongeng indon pe kejadah sgale..
but..whoever u r n whatever u did..i juz wanna say thanx 4 being among those who coloured my life..
who owez be there 4 me when i need u.
Sorry..i didnt mean it..heE~
wpon awk slalu tdo awal n xsound2 dulu smpi sy tpksa tggu bp lm bru taw yg awk 2 da tdo..(grrrrr....)..tp xpe2..anda dmaafkan..haha..
wpon slalu jd mgsa kekejaman n keBADMOOD-an aku..dy ilek je..sorry wak..='(
owez there 2 listen to watever shit i talked bout..be my advisor..bg smngat spy aku sntiasa kuat n tabah..n xpnah bosan (agkny da bosan da) dgr aku luahkn perasaan aku...
neway..i juz wanna say THANX.THANX.THANX.(infinity)
if 1 day d time has come 4 us to be apart from each other..i just wan u 2 noe dat im glad n really grateful for having such a kind n wonderful person like u as my fren..
n i promise that as d tym goes by,i'll try to be a better and stronger person..
juz like what i'd promised u before..

-tHe eNd-

Sunday, December 14, 2008


its raining.dingin.log in to my facebook juz now.saw pics of my frenz,back at km-hell.
yup.bg yg pna msuk kml,surely almost suma akn ckp kml was like HELL.n so do I.sapa yg suka dok kat kml?pointer nk kna tggi.4flat pon xtentu dpt medic.foods yg sux!air slalu tada.rulez cam sial.dat' sawang' guy really pissed me off~tah idopka lg x org tua 2.everything bout kolej matrikulasi labuan were SUX!~

tp 2 scara zahirnya..4 me,kml is not dat bad.cuz atlis aku jmp rmi kwn.byk pngalaman.KENANGAN.aku x suka sbenarnya nak sebut perkataan KENANGAN.MEMORY.cuz kenangan xkan pnah brulang kmbali.It'll be left behind as we continue our journey to d future.ppl say dat memories teach us many valuable lessons so that we wont do d same mistakes again.YES.i agree.learn from our mistakes.but sometimes its too late too realize n back to where we were before.

its hard to admit dat ive lost everything..after ive tried so damn hard,neglecting other things which are actually more important than that.I think,for the 1st tym in my life,i worked so damn hard to take care of someone which IS..very important in my life.more than everything.more than myself. tp sapa yg dapat lawan kuasa Tuhan. bila DIA kt JADI,maka JADIlah ia.

aku akur.tunduk dgn kekuasaanNya. kalau ini yg DIA bg gn aku..myb ada hikmahnya..aku da usaha apa yg boleh..aku bwk dooaku smpi ke rumah Nya.tp mgkin dosa2 aku terlalu byk hngga menutup pluang untuk doa2ku didengar n diperkenankan.sedikit sebanyak aku nmpak hikmah yg DIA bg..mgkin aku xkan sedar kejahilan aku selagi DIA xsedarkan aku..

n now..satu2ny yg aku mnta utk diri aku..spy aku dpt jd lbih kuat dr hari2 sebelumnya.aku da redha.i noe i can stop this cuma aku sndiri yg xmaw.degil.pala batu.still maw seksa diri sendiri mngingatkn bnda yg xmungkin akn kmbali lg.n d only thing dat i can do 4 u is pray to god that u'll never suffer n may happiness will never apart from u.i owez said dat i wanna make u happy. i wanna make u smile.i wanna be ur sunshine.but i guess i never did that.'... lbih byk bwt org sedih dpd gmbira'.i noe. n if diz makes u happier n bring smile to ur face...i accept that.go..n live happily ever after..like what we used to dream of before...d different is..d person next to u is not me anymore..I'll juz stand behind and pray 4 u..i'll hide d tears behind this smile..go on with my life..n as long as GOD give me d strength..you'd see me waiting for you on d corner of the street...

u owez asked me to sing this song 4 u..till now, i haven't..n guess i will never have d chance to do so..

embun di pagi buta
menebarkan bau basah
detik demi detik ku hitung
inikah saat ku pergi

oh Tuhan ku cinta dia
berikanlah aku hidup
takkan ku sakiti dia
hukum aku bila terjadi

aku tak mudah untuk mencintai
aku tak mudah mengaku ku cinta
aku tak mudah mengatakan
aku jatuh cinta

senandungku hanya untuk cinta
tirakatku hanya untuk engkau
tiada dusta sumpah ku cinta
sampai ku menutup mata
cintaku sampai ku menutup mata

oh Tuhan ku cinta dia
berikanlah aku hidup
takkan ku sakiti dia
hukum aku bila terjadi

aku tak mudah untuk mencintai
aku tak mudah mengaku ku cinta
aku tak mudah mengatakan
aku jatuh cinta

senandungku hanya untuk cinta
tirakatku hanya untuk engkau
tiada dusta sumpah ku cinta
sampai ku menutup mata

cintaku sampai ku menutup mata...



here i am.AGAIN.sitting(err..actually btiarap tbongkang neh) in front of my delly-lappy.
sdang berfikir dgn mndalam wat shud i write ere.
tadi ada idea..skang da ilang plak..aigOO~
erm..last nyt we watched 'the day the earth stood still'.
me,blanche,nisak,lyn,mr.sewel,kirin,el n sapek-2.(haha!~damn mati aku!)
pa kejadah tah cita tuh..tp ok la jugak.fes tym movie cm2 pny kejap.xsmpai 2 jam pon.
cari kutu pon x abes.
n law g tgk wayg gn mamat neh..mmg haramla dpt tgk dr mula.
WAJIB lmbt 15 minit & ke atas!skali ja on time ms tgk quarantine dulu.
haish!~sewelgetek pny org..nasebla mood aku da bransur ok sket.
after dat we went to damansara.knon ada uptown ah kn.i wuz so sleepy at dat tym tp wat2 ah sgar..haha..kalaw jalan ngn nisak mmg xpat la blik umah direct pas g tgk wayg..nak jugak lepak sgala..
so..dgn smangatny mr.sewelgetek drive smpi ke damansara.
tup2 da smpi..'ai,awat glap je??' (aku bkata2 d dlm hati)
upanya da tutuup...pe cer ni bro?
atlas dgn kudrat yg ada kami pon mlangkahla ke d curve..
sj2 cuci mata..mmg tcuci dgn gmbira la jgk..gila cuak dow!
da la aku ja pki tudung kat sn..daym lupa bwk my precious sampoerna!
tpksala tahan tgk dunhill.
so kami pon lepak la dgn gmbirany d sana..amek gmba ja memanjang..(since evbody are camSLUT)!
after dat we went back cuz i felt so daym sleepy gila babeng tp mata mantab g tbukak.
rs cam nk mkn mcD tp bila pk blik lemak2 yg bkal tkandung lam badan bila mam mcD kol 3 pg so niat dibatalkan.
lam keta ingat aku la yg bakal tdo.alih2 3 ekoq ni plak yg bantai tdo lu!cinabeng tol.
i wuz like,ok fine aku xleh tdo ah camni..so i went off blah3 wit mr.sewel n rs cm lmbt sgt lak nk blik..da smpi umah bajet tdo trus ah.haram..d lappy wuz 2 hard 2 resist!amekla jap belai2..o9..haha
n now..after merapu yg tramat sgt..aku rasa diri aku berada lam tahap kbuluran yg cyez!~
adoy...slamatknlah hamabaMu ni...

mr n mrs spongy!~

this one goes 4 both of u mr n mrs iki!~

this was taken last wednesday.
karaoke-ing wit datin syira,baby blanche n mr.mrs spongy.
haha!aku da upload ikram!~

Friday, December 12, 2008


bgon pg kol .....
xle gtaw.pcah tembelang aku..
haha..naseb ah bgon pg2 xrasa nk ngamuk...
tp tetba tmengamuk lak gn memi..ouCh!~
sorry awk...='(
argh..pa sbnarnya aku nak tulis ni?
sj ja merapu2 b4 mnd..
gila da kol 2.40 x mnd g..anak dara pa neh!
cmanala xkna reject law prangai camni.haha
sap kok da abes stok lak
nak bli mlas.nnt btmbah2 addicted aku gn sampoerna
aigOo...syira ngn blanche ajak tgk wayg..owh my blanche u syg me ka?
wakaka!~sah aku da sewel gak neh.tah papa jak melalut
gila sewel seyh!
nak p mlm ni ke x?p ke x?
p la!~hahahahahah...sbnarny aku nak cita menda laen..tp np aku p cita yg mrapu2 ni plak?
kan da jd sbijik cam lyn da..ckap mrapu2..
aiyak..mnd dlu la..icamucuk~

s.e.d.i.h.k.e.l.i.r.u.(part 2)


n i still cant sleep.
thinking bout what happened to me 4 hours ago.
im helpless.hopeless.
its not that i don't want to start a new life.
cuba trima sumtg (to be exact,sumone) yg baru.
but d thing is i cant lie to myself.
honestly..aku da x mengharap lg.
myb ada..tp x stinggi dulu.
cuz i have nothing.NOTHING.
im juz an ordinary gurl, yg cuma layak dpanggil BODOH.
n also SHIT.FUCK.
i'll never forget that.
i juz want ppl to understand me.
especially U mr.N.
cuz i need more time to forget things.
n back 2 my normal life.
without crying.
n his shirt to accompany my 'dreamless' sleep...



-aku blur-
-dunno wat 2 say-
-rs nak tulis pjg2-
-pa aku rs skg-
-tp xda mood-

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

gUd mowNink meSia!~

uwarghhh!!*yawn*..sgguh truk prangai anak dara ni
bgon tdo bpak lmbat!cian memi kjot bp kali.wat bodo ja hp vibrate..haha
sory bebeh..im 2 sleepy 2 pick up d fon
neway,gud mownink all!
today im gonna have a loooonnnngg tiring day.
claz direct 10-4!nak bg aku tberanak apa!
da la borink siot subjects! repro(diz 1 quite interesting larh..haha)..then git lg..(omfg dr.karim is so damn B.O.R.I.N.K!)..then respiratory plak..(dr.himyar mentor terchenta)
tpaksa gagahkan diri larh....
da la smalm ilek jak kat umah..upany ada claz!!(err...sy tataw sy tataw!)
lantakla..stil bengang wit sum1 gn dy pny prangai yg plik 2..
xpela lantak dy la..
now its 9.04am n im still ere talking shit with dangdut-ing stomach n wearing sarong smalam..
me??wearing sarong??aigOo...sjok ah!smlm pki boxer ja..maw matey ksjokan da
ada lak malaun yg x dikenali n dkehendaki dtg ke umah melunaskan impian dan harapan seseorg yg trnyata da sangap gile babeng agakny..bitch!~
uff...hipokrit2 aku pon xdala cm org 2..cm maw dtmpar BHA!~(bha bha..bhabey kaw!bkn sabahan 2 watla cr bkan sabahan..nk mnyemak ngeri aku pesal!~)
argh!pg2 da wat dosa aku ni..still trying 2 figure out how 2 btahan smpi ptg ni wthout lunch..lbey2 lg at diz tym where i need food d most!!
(i need it almost every single tym...dont lie 2 me la bodow..)
lalalalala...mn blanche ni..birak ka??
ow no mnd pulak dy!gtg now!~




I can honestly say
You've been on my mind
Since I woke up today, up today
I look at your photograph all the time
These memories come back to life
And I don't mind

I remember when we kissed
I still feel it on my lips
The time that you danced with me
With no music playing
I remember those simple things
I remember 'till I cry
But the one thing I wish I'd forget
A memory I want to forget
Is goodbye

I woke up this morning
And played our song
And through my tears I sang along
I picked up the phone and than
Put it down
'cause I know I'm wasting my time
And I don't mind

I remember when we kissed
I still feel it on my lips
The time that you danced with me
With no music playing
I remember those simple things
I remember 'till I cry
But the one thing I wish I'd forget
A memory I want to forget

Suddenly my cell phone's blowing up
With your ring tone
I hesitate but answer it anyway
You sound so alone
And I'm surprised to hear you say

You remember when we kissed
You still feel it on your lips
The time that you danced with me
With no music playing
You remember those simple things
We talked 'till we cried
You said that your biggest regret
The one that you wish I'd forget
Is saying goodbye

Saying goodbye
Oh, Goodbye

i dunno where did i get the strength to msg n ask him to listen to this song.
guess dat i miss him more than everything.
i noe he wont even care
but suddenly..he replied me
i dont even noe wat 2 say. d only thing dat i can do is cry.cry.cry.
ive tried so many times to hold back my tears.acting tough in front of everybody.laugh out loud!hang out wit my frenz.bz-ing myself with every single thing dat i can do juz 2 make sure that i wont cry anymore.
but im still d old me.weak.dumbASS.emotional.when it comes to him.




Tuesday, December 9, 2008


damn im starving!~
nak mam kat kopitiam sbelah rafi bistro.
but im 2 lazy 2 angkat my ass n fingers from my lappy.
finally dpt jugak o9!yeay!~
owh fatah mn kaw neh bwkla kitorg g mam weh!~~~
hmm..sum1 ingatkn aku gn jeans lola..muMmy!mn nak cekau duwet ni..
isk plz3 jgn la kaw abes..tggu aku bli!!!
ufF!~my stomach is zapin-ing inside..gtg now!~
ill be back after 2 3 4 hours??dunno..haha~


Monday, December 8, 2008


uFf~borink siot arini..xda bnda maw bwat..las2 dr pg smpi skang o9 memanjang.gila seyh!org bz mnymbelih kmbing lembu ayam sgala kitorg lak bz mem'pet society' kan diri kat fb.huhu..aku nyer ajaranla lgsung suma skali ikowt maen..badan da la pnat siot..da 3 mlm asek skit pnggang ja..cam mak nenek pon ada aku rs..pa ley bwat..keja sgala..company bangang ni pown 1..wth??aku gnti owg je pon,bkn tetap!argh..tp memikirkan duwet duwet mega sale mega sale hahahah! so pg ja la..owh lola tlgla jgn jual jeans aku tuh!ive worked damn hard 4 dat!~

uh!4got 2 tell ya..wat we ate pg ry td..aiyo wers d pic??kne cr lu..see yal tol.

this is it!our 'soto ayam'.dibuat drpd mee yg dibuat sndiri bgitu jg dgn ayam yg diimport khas dr pick n mix giant shah alam sek 13.ditmbah pula dgn hirisan cili padi yg sekaligus menambahkn rasa pedas yg tak terasa lgsg d lidah aku ni.
err..dont mistake d yellow thing there haa..its d reflection of d flash from lyn's hyppo.ngEe~~

omg inikah naseb perantau!~



my bluved sista a.k.a besfwen,dee.

4eva budDies.nanad n me.

fifi lentok-me-ena-elma



mrsm koki 04-05..4-5 nilam rox!~

rumet kat mtrx.bebeh 1-pat.bebeh 2-kay.mis both of u soo much!mis kml 2...='(

fms-kutpm 07/08

ouzmates..nisak-me-byan-mummy janet-akak anis
thanx gurlz..4 all d supports n care...

me besties!shirin-faz-farah.

c minah merapu.haha! me n lyn.

umang n lalat

uncle n fara. i owe both of u a lot!thanx..

syira-kai-blanche.partner in crime bms!~

p/s:kpd sesapa yg x termention d cni..im soo sorry..but i still luv y'all!~



my mom n dad..huhu..still young muda rumaja maa... my baba..mr.rahmat hj rahim..'melakaians'..47 yrs young.. my mem..salmah fazul rahman..pakistanians+(jawa+aussie=cocos)=pacositan..hoho..47 yrs YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG!! (sj bodek mntak duit bli jeans baru.huhu)

diz iz d love of my life!haha..tabley blah la u..ni my lil bro..mohd.khalid..16 twon.. dy la racun dy la pnawar.. pna gadow gila2 gn aku smpi bwk gunting pisau..sial pny budak! (err...actly im d one who started d fight n capai pisau..haha)

my nanay choleng..hee~~mdm.mupie sahilie..
my financial manager..huhuhu..myb aku mwarisi ke'hot-temper'an dr nenek kot..hehehe...
nanad kata nenek aku kiut..yeke??aku pon rasala..lg lawa dr tym muda dulu..huhu..tahla cmana ley tsangkut nenek aku ni gn kasanova pakistan dulu..muakaka~

women of the earth..huhu..on d right is my aunt..ibu susuan aku..kira my 2nd mom la..jamelah fazal..

diz is..my aunt's hubby..mr jasmil..he's deym funny n sporting giler babeng! xla sporting yg mlmpau tp dy la pnyeri fam blah my mom..sewel2..er..u can c dat btw dy bgamba..haha

lastly..on d left..my 'big bro'..mohd.izzul izuan kok..not actually my bro tp memandangkn aku mnyusu gn my aunt a.k.a his mom..so kmi kira adk bradek larh!~huhu..his interest: anything bout korea n photographing..ni la siblings aku..n im d rose among d thorns..haha.tah pape..



ahahah...mengapakah sy mnge'post' (if diz word ever exist larh) pic ini?? utk mnunjukkan btapa kiutny aku pada zaman kesultanan mlayu mlaka dahulu.hakhakhak!!

adoy gila sua aku.. xla..as an intro 2 diz 'blogging' session..lemme introduce myself..though u dont wanna noe bout diz silly little gurl.huhu..

diz iz me when i wuz 2-3 yrs old i think..pogot oredi..at diz time i wuz staying at kota kinabalu wit my mom n dad..kat 1 flat yg at dat tym bes gila tp skang da ley wat umah antu da..eeee.......

well..diz iz KAI after 15-16 yrs from d above pic.hohoho..da bsar anak pkcik rahmat ni yer..muahaha..


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hola y'all!
my first post in this blog
what shud i jot down ere??
no idea lorh..
btw..hepi eidadha all..
n ep 4th monthsary k'mati'an aku..haha