Friday, January 1, 2010

i want!:'(

ada tak siapa2 yang bermurah hati nak belikan aku these necklaces??:'(

either this~

or this~

or this~

huwaa!aren't they adorable?especially the first and the second one.
wanna buy em but I've already spent rm100 for my jeans last night.blerghh~now have to eat ikan bilis and serunding nenek la hahaha!~

who wants to buy this for my birthday?i'll love you foreverrrr!~
*dengan muka x malu setebal tembok cina*


Aishah Majid said...

3rd one sangat cantik, saye suka yg tu !

kHaiEysHa said... that 1 oredi syg!
yg first tu adek kai bg, yg sha suke tu bestfriend kai bg :)
nice kan kan kan?hehee:D