Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I got class at 8.

Sorry for the long absence. Yeah i know the blog is getting boring but I really don't have much time to write. Haha as if I have some sort of die-hard-fans right.

Btw today I skipped my class.Why? I don't know.Just feel like want to. I need a sleep. I've been working my ass off on tons of assignments for the past few days and it was exhausting. Nothing much happened but I feel not in the mood for class or socializing or something. So I decided to just chill on my bed, sleep, thinking. Everything. Its great to have some time alone, with stupid thoughts in your mind. hee:D.

Unfortunately the thunder scared me off.Fuck I hate it when its raining. Not that I love the sun more but I'll get afraid when I'm all alone and the only thing accompanied me is the sound of the thunder, or the rain drops hitting on the zinc and it goes like 'trektrektrektrek' and its getting louder. isk :'(. So I just managed to sleep for 15 minutes.zzz. Fuck you thunder.
Then I got up from bed and wondered what should I do. I need something to ignore this feeling. And as usual, the mess save my day! I started digging into my wardrobe, tidying up this and that. And suddenly I remembered that my junior needs donation for their project. So instead of giving money *which is due to the only 7 bucks I have in hand right now sob sob*, I decided to give them my old clothes. Of course those are still in a good condition hehe. Wardrobe clearance people! :) Thanks Nats, you save my day! hehehe.

After that, I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. OMG. Baba and Mama are gonna freak out when they see this. So here we go, fridge! At first I just want to clear it up a little bit, but knowing me, I can never stand the mess. So I cleared up the whole thing! The worst part was to break the ice! It's damn thick and believe me, there were mix vegetables and chicken buried in them!lol! I had to melt them with hot water. Took me almost an hour to finish it. Farah and El helped me a little bit. And Farah had fun snapping pictures of my butt! Crazy you haha!

If you know me well you'll learn that when I'm not in a good mood, this is what I'm gonna do. It's like a passion, addiction. Its not that I want to show the whole world that I'm the tidiest, cleanness*is that how to spell the word?* girl in the world. I just want to say that I love it! *so you can hire me for 30 bucks per session. kawan2 boleh kautim.* Haha I think I can get married already. The only thing that I hate is needle and thread. hehe. I'm bad in that so, sorry guys! ngee =.=

Then Bean gave me some food he cooked during the class earlier. As usual it's awesome!*That explain how I get this belly and fats beneath my thigh and stomach. Damn you bf! I love you, tho.haha!* And then El came back home and we chat and chat and chat and suddenly, ting! An idea popped out on my mind!* or is it you El? I can't remember.hehe*. Wee! I'm so excited about it! We're gonna keep this thing a secret until we managed to settle things up :)) I hope it works! Please pray for us people!

So, Thats all for now. hehe. A summary of another chapter of my life. Suddenly zillions ideas come into me right now but seriously, I really have to sleep. My class is from 8 am to 6 pm and here I am, still blogging. My bf is gonna kill me if he knows this. Just hoping that things will get better and better for me. Insya Allah :)

And yeah, I've told you, I'm not gonna let myself down just because of you.

Night people!
*mind the broken English. ngehh. long time no write*

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