Tuesday, September 8, 2009


there are times when i suddenly feel bored being ordinary.
i wanna do great stuffs.
i wanna achieve great things.
i wanna be special and different than the others around me.
i want people to remember me for any awesome things that i did (if i ever have one)

but hey. i guess being me might be the best thing in my life.
im not fashionable.
im not trendy.
im not that up-to-date like you people.
im not intelligent or superb enough to be adored.
im just being me.
so do not under estimate me. i might look weak and getting weaker day by day,physically.
but I have strong will and determination to achieve what I want.
do not insult the way i dressed up, or what I am up to right now.
even if what I bought or wear is not 'in', what that has to do with you?
i might look fat in that jeans. or looks like a clown wearing that kind of attire.
i might look shorter and uglier with those stupid clothes stuck on my body.
but at least i do not go around naked right?
so let me be, its me and my passion.

any problem?


Sera said...

wahhh.. seperti sedang marah.. huhu.. chill2.. (:

kHaiEysHa said...

bengang aja :)

[B] [a] [B] [y] m0cca said...

lolx... kenapa ada org tegur cara kaw berpakaian ka kai???
hmm... pelik btol, org menegur...~

kHaiEysHa said...

antala seh..mnyibuk btul org tu..sukakku la maw pki apa pn..biarla ktinggalan zaman ka yg pntg aku epi

Blanche™ said...

sapa ni..???
si A ka??
bilang ckp..

kHaiEysHa said...


rAy juni0r said...


napa ko xbalik...suka tul ko braya d sana arr..hahaha...jln2 jk la ko raya nie..aku pn mo njoy2 dcni..bosan aku ddk kuantan lama2..ndak bkembg otak aku..hahaha...

xpyah ko ksah2 mulut org..pduli tu..mpus jak bising2..brgkali diorg mo tgk ko bebogel bru diorg puas ati..haha...bh apa lg, buat la..hahaha...

bah, aku mo jln2 tgkap gmbar dlu ni..byk brg baru d kk ni..hahaha..

nti klw ko update blog aku cri ko lg..lalala

syed muhammad nafis said...

sp A?