Friday, December 12, 2008

s.e.d.i.h.k.e.l.i.r.u.(part 2)


n i still cant sleep.
thinking bout what happened to me 4 hours ago.
im helpless.hopeless.
its not that i don't want to start a new life.
cuba trima sumtg (to be exact,sumone) yg baru.
but d thing is i cant lie to myself.
honestly..aku da x mengharap lg.
myb x stinggi dulu.
cuz i have nothing.NOTHING.
im juz an ordinary gurl, yg cuma layak dpanggil BODOH.
n also SHIT.FUCK.
i'll never forget that.
i juz want ppl to understand me.
especially U mr.N.
cuz i need more time to forget things.
n back 2 my normal life.
without crying.
n his shirt to accompany my 'dreamless' sleep...


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