Wednesday, December 17, 2008


u ARE n STILL d best for me..
i have nothing to say anymore cuz i noe it is my fault
blame me.i did it.ive done it.n im still doing it
it takes time.i beg u 2 understand me n give me sumtym.
i noe..if i were u i would do d same thing 2.
i will HATE him.
do u still remember my blue diary?
where i used to ask u to write watsoevarything in it?
u wrote sumting dat i still remember till now..
'he's d best dat u ever have kai.take a very gud care of him'
but i've failed.i didnt.he left me 4 my weaknesses had bored him
im not gud enuf 4 him.but i cant bare 2 listen to what came out from ur mouth when it comes 2 him.yeah i noe he's SUX.but let its juz ME who talks shit bout him.i cant stop u or anyone from hating him.but please...don't put all d blame on him
called me dumb.idiot.stupid
yes.i am.u noe how much i love him.u noe how much i felt,n still feel for him.d feeling for him remain here,deep inside my heart, n i dont even noe how to get rid of it!!~ive suffered a lot.A LOT.n TOO MUCH.
u've once close to him.he regard u as his besfren.thank you for owez being there for both of us.argh..4get it.its juz a memory.n will never come back.
our life is a long journey..n i dont even get to one third of it.there are still many ppl out there that i havent meet yet.thats what u want me to realize right..??
nad..u r d 1 who knows EVERY single thing bout me.there's no secret between us,except for certain things..u've been through all those things with me..we've shared a lot of things..things dat we shud n shudn't do..we both noe every details bout dat..n for that,don't u EVER think dat im goin to let us having 2 dfferent ways of life.though we're not as close as before...seldom hang out or chit-chatting n gossipping bout things juz like d old days..but we ARE still d same old bitches who used to cry n laughed together. who used to have IJ's 'tauhu' n sausage as our lunch. who used to spend our weekends sleeping d only one who can stand ur 'tidy' wardrobe n spent my holiday rearranging ur stuffs..
i love u 2 babe...i owez do..

i noe u owez there for me..
each n every1 of u..
eventhough u r not dat kind off 'love lady'
u dont get involved in my love life...
or wat im into right now..
my studies..
not only u but also each n every 1 of our gurls..
but believe me..u dont wanna noe wuts goin on wit me..
wat kinda life im having ryt now..
but 1 thing for still d old me when it comes 2 my frenz..
im still ur 'so-called twin' ..still remember mkcik tndas 2 ckp pa tym d smkt?
paan once said to me..the harder u try to fix things..the worse it will be..
sorry 4 being too weak...
n SORRY isnt d word dats supposed to come out from anyone else but ME...

sumbody said to me juz now..that he is so delighted n touched dat i have such frens like both of u..yeah..i guess he's right..

-L.O.V.E U A.L.L-

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