Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What I really want right now

1. A car. Doesn't matter my Kenari or a new one *cough cough*. And of course, the courage to drive it. Argh!

2. Back at home, goyang2 bontot dan makan dengan sedapnya. And bergelak ketawa bersama keluarga.

3. I wanna learn baking and cooking. Doing it right now, slowly.

4. Finish my degree, and naikkan CGPA.

5. Lots of money. So that I can buy these:
* new notebook
* instax camera
* galaxy tab
* and the list goes on

6. Wish for my dearest to be here. Enough with your workaholic syg, you're younger than me but yet you look older. Jangan sampai awak jadi macam sugar daddy saya pulak -.-

7. Foods. And eat it without feeling guilty. Preferably cheesy and spicy.

8. Thesis siap dalam sekelip mata.

DONE.FOR.TONIGHT. Wishlist lain akan diupdate semasa ke semasa.


blanzens said...

sedih. sy pun tgh bersedih.

blanzens said...
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Khaieysha said...

err,ape yg sedihnye nok?

blanzens said...

kner bersusah2 utk dptkn bender yg kita nak! klu la kit kaya.