Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This is not for anybody in particular.

What's wrong with plan B?
Us, who have been in this situation for 3 bloody years, have been familiar with this thing. Broken promises, fake manifesto and all. Go to hell with that shit. I don't care anymore. Well, I do but does that makes any difference, since we are finishing in less than 3 months time. So just go with it. Nothing changed.

The thing is, I can't stand people who take 'Plan B' for granted. Or look down at those who have this 'Plan B' in mind. What's wrong with that? Are you hell sure that you're gonna be a doctor? You're damn sure that you gonna pursue MBBS and pass with flying colors?

I'm not being pessimistic. I adore those who have the determination and courage to carry on and speak out. I don't have any problem with that, AT ALL. But stop looking at us, the 'Plan B's' guys as if we're not gonna succeed if we don't take the actual road. Don't get me wrong, being a doctor has always been my ultimate ambition. But sometimes, I stumble, I fall and I had and still having a hard time trying to get back up. Don't tell me you never gave up in life. Kerat jari kalau cakap tak pernah.

That's when the 'Plan B' helps. It gives you hope to carry on with whatever you are doing with your life. It gives you something to hold on to, something that would make you believe there's light at the end of the tunnel. I understand how much those people wants to be a doctor. The prestige, the ambition, the satisfaction of saving life. Don't we feel the same way too? Cuma Tuhan bagi kami jalan yang berliku, sedikit susah daripada yang lain2. Jadi kenapa pandang kami sebelah mata?

And those who plan to go to the 'not taken road' tu pun, cut off your negative thoughts. Tak payah nak pengaruh orang lain yang betul2 nak benda tu. Tak payah nak hasut macam2. You go on with your plan, and let them do theirs. Masing2 ada rezeki masing2. We just gotta work hard and go for it.

So, yeah, be it my bff or someone I'm not that close to, I'm terribly offended. Because I do have 'Plan B' but I still work hard to follow the flow. Being a doctor is not easy, you're handling with people's life. That is my only concern. I'm afraid I can't handle this. I still don't have the courage to hold on to that responsibility. But I do really want to be a part of it.

After all, bukankah Allah SWT adalah sebaik-baik perancang, dan rancanganNya adalah yang terbaik?


Musafir Melayu said...



Even me, who on the paper is considered safe-to-go, are thinking for 'Plan B'.

And we're not being Pessimistic. It's just that our Optimistic had been near death, coma, distress and in ICU for so much, that I fear another push of Optimistic would mean doom.

And yes, we wish for a career that deals with life. So it's not wrong if we took a much longer path, as long as in the end, we had all it takes to be a good physician.

Let us make future something worthwhile.

p.s: do tell me on your Plan B if you have the chance.

Khaieysha said...


Thank you ariff, glad to know I'm not alone. Will tell you about my plan. Opinions needed. Hee :)

aimie amalina said...

khai!!!! wateva is it, i wish u oll d best dea =)

Khaieysha said...

Tq aimie! :)