Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Mr.Bunchman - yeah I know I said stupid things about her. Maybe for you. But it's for real damn it! She's just a bitch! She ruined my life just by not looking at her pun dah jadi isu so WHAT THE FUCK! I did that because aku tanak tunjuk muka aku yang macam sial bila tengok orang yang aku tak suka. So instead of showing this fugly face, I turned away, aku tak buat dosa dia tak dapat sakit hati. Plus, she started it forst kan? Aku tak retilah nak hipokrit2 ni Hello how are you bitch padahal dalam hati menyumpah seranah cam sial. Ok with some exceptions. Tolong faham me okay. Haih. T.T Hope you are doing fine there. I think I know what was 'it' but nevermind, just keep it to yourself.I miss you.

Mr.Bigguy - As I said, I'll be by your side as long as you need me, but when the time has come for me to leave, please do it nicely. I don't think I can go through that again. You know me well, I hate rejection. And I know you know that I love you lots.

Mr.Heart - Please. I am maybe not yet a woman but still, I am a girl. My existence is never there for you to look at. Do you really want me? Cause if not, just let me go. I'd rather live alone than being with somebody who does not even realize that I'm here beside him.


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