Saturday, March 6, 2010

to grow old with

For the time we spend together, thank you.
For the laugh we share together, thank you.
For the tears we shed together, thank you.
For the courage we give each other whenever we're down, thank you.
For the love that showers me, always, though I will never understand, thank you.

For the heart that has been broken, I'm sorry.
For the curses, swears and rudeness, I'm sorry.
For all the fake promises, I'm sorry.
For the past that I never can get over with, I'm sorry.
For the love that I can't ever repay, I'm sorry.


May success and happiness will always be with you.
Whatever with the past has gone, and the best is always yet to come.
May Allah bless you in everything you do, and ease your way on becoming the next world's top chef!
I'll be proud to see you standing in the eyes of the world baby. I'll pray for you always.
Ilysm syg. :)

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