Thursday, April 16, 2009

short sem

ah yes.well this is our new timetable for the first short sem
nervous system
first aid
communicative english

yeay!i love english!i remember the conversation between my parent about me
they thought it was such a waste for not letting me to choose TESL after my SPM
haha~btol gak.i like English.i want to improve my vocab n speaking
but now isn't the right time
God's willing,one day I'll be as good as my idol.sapa?can't reveal here la..huhu
well3~this is not d main point im writing this blog in the middle of the night!
I feel like it's a must now to STOP thinking bout anything else and concentrate more on my study
no more more love(nnt2la thu).no more unnecessary things lingers in my mind
enjoy boleh tp bpada2..huhu
hey kai!you were once the best!and u've also once proved to others that failure is not forever
but because of one stupid BASTARD who threw you away from his let yourself become a dumbass
wake up kai!time for a change!it's not too late to get back to the right path
people can judge me in any ways they want.i don't give a damn.
i am crazy.i am hyperactive(hey i take it as a compliment ye arif:P).i am emo.i am stubborn.i am whatever i am right now.
there's no need to change and become a better person for others
it's for you,you yourself to be better and better and better
you guys out there!don't under estimate me!
myahahaha!(ktawak jahat jap)
my name is KHAIRUNNISA a.k.a kakai
i won't let anything stop me
Insya Allah..

syukur sbb akhirnya bjaya naekkan kmbali apa yg turun
wlaupun sdikit tp da ckup utk aku bangkitkan balik smangat aku utk blajar n bjaya
Ya Allah..
cukuplah KAU tarik nikmat cintaku dari sisiku..jangan KAU tarik nikmat cita2ku..
guide me..
hanya KAU dan aku yg tahu apa yg aku mohon kepadaMu masa itu
i leave it to YOU to decide which one is better for me
cuz im too tired to fight the fact and the fate
and my destiny...

-thanxsie lappy.thanxsie bloggy-


fiza said...

kita serupa.parents aku pon salu gak cakap knapa la aku x amek tesl pas abes spm dulu.muahaha.

kHaiEysHa said...

haha..btul2..mnyesal gak ak..hahaha