Tuesday, October 6, 2009

twilight journal!

i've been dreaming of this thing for almost 2 weeks,if im not mistaken.yeap.the first time it caught my eyes was on the day Khalid went back to Tawau after raya. while i was walking around the shop at LCCT, I spotted 'it'! omg I was so excited jumping around the shop half crazily!lol.as i don't have enough money at that time, i just walked back home dreaming to own 'it' one day.

and yes,today is the day!yippie!~*dancing in the moonlight*<----abaikan iklan di sebelah.
my boyfie bought it for me just now!at first i was so pissed off because i asked him to buy the small size for my nivea facial foam but instead, he took the large one!(tatawla sy suka pakai bnda kcik2 and bli byk kali bila sudah habis.mmbazir sungguh). i keep on babbling and as usual he just ignored me.haha.then he said "kalaw bli yang tu ada barang free dy bg". and he pointed at the MPH plastic bag inside the bigger bag. when i opened it,tadaa!it is one of my so-long-dream! the TWILIGHT JOURNAL!!!~

wee!~you're so beautiful..so damn beautiful~~hehe...i was stunned, smpi tnangis kejap.wuu~almost all of my besties know how much i love boxes! can't you see how pretty the box is? there are 4 journals inside the box, each representing the name of all 4 titles in the Twilight Saga Series. aku namaw tulis papa ni biarlah berkulat bertagar ka..biar dalam kotak ja.heehe!

tq syg!ilysm!~so so much!
(agak2 kalaw aku post grand turismo maserati lepas ni dy nak blikan aku x?hehe)

meet the chenta
Björn Dixgård :)

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rAy juni0r said...

its been s0 long i didn't heard from u..wats d latest update??...

btw, d gift was s0 nice...trust me, i wont scratch even a bit of it if I were u..would keep it in a nice & safe place s0 dat it will remain there untouch by other people except me...

s0, u should be grateful and happy 4 it...s0 sweet hah??....g0od 4 u..

anyway khai, enj0y every moment u have..dont waste it..ehem..hehehe...

owh, there's a quote by - Winston Churchill

"Destiny is not a matter of chance,
it is a matter of choice;
it is not a thing to be waited for,
it is a thing to be achieved."

might be useful i think s0meday..