Thursday, October 29, 2009

luahan hati.ceh.tiba-tiba

Too much things going on recently and i find it hard for me to accept some part of them. being far away from each of my friends gives me a lot of time to think what is what and which is which. too much drama, too much hypocrisy. enough is enough. i can't bear with that anymore.

Sometimes i feel like i've been so left out. tup2 tiba2 aku dengar itu ini and i was like 'really?','owh,ok'. and 'omg!'. Where i find that 'people change' is so true and im gonna stick with that for forever. yeah. no doubt.

I've been thinking and searching in too deep just to know that life is hard, and not as simple as we think it is. Like Bella Swan said in Twilight, 'Life is hard, death is peaceful.' (takdala peaceful sangat kalaw mati amal xcukup). But for sure, life is short. And i keep questioning myself, is it right? all the things that i've done, is that what I want or am i doing this just to satisfy everybody around me?

Terlalu banyak yang terbuku dalam hati and kepala hotak aku sampai satu masa aku rasa macam nak meletup. Idk who I can trust, to share all my thoughts and feelings. kalaw aku cakap dgn org ni, dy bkait plak dgn org ni. and bila aku ckp dgn org ni..pun xboleh jugak..rasa stuck gila. im tired of pretending, tired of acting nice. cheerful and happy in front of those people when the fact is, I don't.

I hate being alone. Every single thing keep on bugging me.argh!im clueless!idk what to do!

Dear Almighty, please have mercy on me what to do..

"Destiny is not a matter of chance,it is a matter of choice;it is not a thing to be waited for,it is a thing to be achieved."
p/s: thanks for the quote ray senpai :)


Seiryu Ayime said...

(takdala peaceful sangat kalaw mati amal xcukup)<< ayat x boleh blah! huhuu

talk to me if u want~
im not the best choice, but i'll always be here for u 24/7

syed muhammad nafis said...

sy bukan tempat awk nk crita kn??
sy taw jwapan awk klaw sy sroh awk crita..
awk msti ckp sy x pham kan?
apa guna sy?
xda guna?
sy taw suma ni sbb ngn sy kot..
sbb sy bwat awk srabut..

sheila chen said...

hey nek.
maybe im not the right person to tell u this what u want to is too short to pretend to be sumone u're not.btw, i have another quote for you::
" Life is an opened gift,not a problem to be solved-Unknown"

get it? cheer up. :)

rAy jR...@...Aliff said...

owh dear...sedih aku bca..emm..keep on smiling gurl..u're n0t d type of a gurl yg setia pada kesedihan..

as far as i knw, u're the type of th0se yg mmg happy g0 lucky..a m0dern gurl..yeah..thats d word..hehe..

tp deep inside sepa tahu chill up gurl...and, u knw wat?..u're lucky 2 have appreciate that moment k...

and btw...i l0ve d quote as well..hehe

nadyazgal said...

umm.. aku pn sda lama rasa gini.. :(

kHaiEysHa said...

thanks a lot everibadi..i really appreciate it:)

syg pls dont get me wrong okay?

nanad..we shud talk someday u noe..