Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Long distance relationship

Aku rasa kagum dengan orang2 yang dah bercinta lama. Kalau all the time dekat,sama2 xpa. Tapi ada yang terpisah negeri,universiti,ada lagi terpisah negara. I mean, WOW. Look at them. How do they manage to maintain the spark between them? Aren't they bored with each other?

I did once involved in a 'PJJ'. And I failed. Since that I never believe in one. Me and SMN, we've never been away too far from each other. But still gaduh2. Kalau cuti sebulan, sorang balik utara sorang borneo, tak sah tak perang. To think that he'll be away this time is so...terrifying. What will happen to us? Bak kata SS, I don't want banana fruit two times. Haih. Takut -.-
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whiterose said...

fighting is normal, at least you know that he really love u and never be a backstabber in yr relationship..

moga panjang relationship kamu ;)

Afinisherry said...

long distance relationship tu best jgk ba...aku 4years suda mcm tu..klu kira gaduh..mmg xleh kira..tp gaduh tu la tnda we care each other..klu lama ndak gaduh...risau jgk..takut "spark" suda hilang..hehe..but one thing yg best tu, bila dpt jmpa..wah..mmg heaven..haha=P