Saturday, February 6, 2010

confession of a shopaholic

okay.I want a tote bag. the one yang ada jual kat lrt imbi tu.sgt kiut!nak bawak pi kelas.

and I want the Roxy purse. mak bolehkah bagi nisa RM100?nanti nisa tambah lagi rm10.hehe.

and and and I need a perfume! Anna Sui Secret Wish or Versace Bright Crystal would be nice.wangi! the Versace remind me of Genting :))

ohh I forgot the forever 21 sweater! called sweater.haha.kiutt!

Maybeline eyeliner!cambest je~^^

haahh! the bright red,dark beige, plaid and floral flats from cotton on!a must-have-list!

shit! am I turning into a shopaholic girl?help!

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