Sunday, February 1, 2009

what a peaceful life

somebody told me that

stalker trust nobody


i guess for me it goes other way around

-nobody TRUST stalker-

thanks for the day though
i had so much fun
knowing that i have been backstabbed
and the moment i listened to your CT while calling you last night
it reminds me of a girl who was crying and hopeless
trying to reach her boyfriend,or should I say,
her EX BF
6 months ago
without knowing that at that time
her boyfriend was on his way for a new relationship and was proposing another girl to be by his side
to replaced her NOT-SO-PERFECT girl before
that is why i hate the song
i hate your CT
i hate calling you
and those who break my TRUST
called me emo or whatever you want
yes i am n i admit it

thank you


nadyazgal said...

y y wat happen?

zul_psang said...

wei..aku bace blog ko ni terus aku finin da...

elya~nadia said...

npe nieh??

kHaiEysHa said...

haha...juz gram n sakit ateyyy..hahaha