Tuesday, January 13, 2009

another tag.haha.pathetic me.damn bored.


☻ What do your friends call you?
++ kai.kakai.

☻ When is your birthday?
++ 16 january 1989

☻ What are your favorite food?
++ murtabak jawa gerai sakura kat kong fah
++nasi goreng beef kopitiam sebelah rafi

☻ Are u a hard drinker?
++ nope!

☻ Where are you now?
++ my bluved perdana.duh!

☻ Do you work now?
++ nehi

☻ What song you like to hear when the time you are so lonely?
++ warmness on the soul-avenged sevenfold

☻ Favorite Movie.
++ horror.thriller

☻ provide some of your choice number.
++ 8

☻ What is your perfume?
++ white musk intrigue (the body shop)

☻ Do you have other Friendster account?
++ used to

☻ Are you a party girl/boy?
++ myb?haha!

☻ Is there someone mad at you? If yes. Think why.
++ tataw.myb.

☻ Name someone u like.
++ ehem..."si COMEL" (R bukan nama sebenar)

☻ Who are your best friend?
++ urm????

☻ A friend is..
++ a human being

☻ what is more important? Loved ones? Or your Friends?
++ both are equally important.

☻ Do you slept with your contacts?
++ la.babi pny soalan.kan tertipu td!ak pk contact lense!babi tol.

☻ Do your experience your bf/gf told you that you’re the only one? But the fact is he/she lied.
++ err?? *kelip2 mata tgk siling*

☻ Did a time come that you had 2 or more bf / gf?
++used to.ngeh3~tp x sngaja!

☻ Are you in a relationship now?

☻ Who was the last person you dated?
++ sapa ek?abg prego kot.smalam.haha!~

☻ What is Love for you?
++ C.I.N.T.A.thu lam bm la..ade korea g,japan g..bla3..

☻ Is there any one of your ex and friend of yours you know that they are together now?who are they?
++ ada!x guna tol.wakaka!cita lama..xkesah=)

☻ What makes u happy?
++ bila sy ketawa terbahak2 x ingat dunia

☻ Introduce your self. Tell us some words that they must know.
++ im kai.3 ari ag nak msuk 20.jgn bg sy mic n camera.im addicted to those things.haha

☻ How about a message for you exs?
++ hidupla korg bebaik

☻ Say something to your bf/gf
++ pls refer to d 21st q.i am NOT in a relationship

☻ Dedication to your crush?
++ dgarlah lagu david archuletta 2.tp sapa lak crush aku??jap2 pk lu.*kening berkerut*

☻ Dedication to your friends?
++ wahai sahabat2ku.HADIAH BDAY AKU JGN LUPA!

☻ Tagging.
++ mereka yg merasakan dunia amat borink sekarang

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