Saturday, March 12, 2011


I was all crazy when I posted this. My relatives/cousins/aunts/uncles could have read it. At that very moment, I don't really care. I'm so gonna get myself AT LEAST one puff after this. Like seriously. I just wish that I have the gut to tell everyone what I've done. But for what? Just to let them know that "I'm cool that way?" My heart says yes but my head denies. *Good head pat you 5 times.* Anyway whatever done is done. If only there's one thing I wish I didn't do is THAT. Yes, THAT. THAT could be anything, from everything to nothing. But yeah, it's between me and God. I just wish I have more time to fix it. And hope that He's answering my prayer. I'm not perfect. Heck, no one does. I can't tolerate those nice people. It creeps me out. I cursed a lot. I don't talk nicely to people. Bad-mouthing, gossiping. Hello it's in my blood lol. I hate hypocrites but I'm one of them. But I just wanna change. I wanna be a good girl, a good daughter, a good sister. I wanna make them proud. That's all I'm asking for. And if that means I have to sacrifice anything, I WILL.

Will You answer me? Will You help me?

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